What is the Cost of a Patio Cover?

September 7, 2021
What is the Cost of a Patio Cover?

When you were looking for patio covers in Fairfield, CA, it is good to know how much you will be paying so you can stay within your budget. The average cost in 2020 is around $35.15, but it depends on the kind of system you want and the materials you will be using. Another thing to consider is depending on the state you are in because the prices will vary and the style or materials that might be allowed for your area.

What are my options?


One option is a retractable patio cover, and these can range anywhere from $1346 to $3796. They are great options for creating shade when you want them to; they come in multiple colors, are affordable, and the patio cover materials are lightweight, making them more flexible and manageable.

The drawbacks to these are that they get dirty more quickly, they look like a "kit" instead of constructed, and when installing, you have to use extra precaution because if you cut it incorrectly, you will need a whole new piece.

Wood Style

This style can cost anywhere from $7500 to $13000 and is widely recognized due to its natural look from the wood. They are great because you can build them to match your residence, and because wood is a more natural-looking material, it offers great resell value for the home, and they are more easily installed.

Some of the drawbacks are that they require regular staining or painting, there are expensive, insects like termites can be problematic, and they can deteriorate quickly.

Aluminum Option

This choice can cost anywhere from $1800 to $5907 and has been a more traditional choice because of how inexpensive the material is. Aluminum is also versatile and can come in an option that resembles wood grain, making it another great choice. They will not deteriorate, don't require much maintenance, are lightweight with multiple color options and styles available, they're pre-engineered, and are affordable.

The drawbacks to them are that they can be easily damaged, they look like a "kit" instead of constructed like the wood version, and the paint used has a gloss.

Extra Costs

Many wood patio covers will require construction blueprints, but the vinyl and aluminum are already pre-engineered, saving you time and money. For a wood patio cover, the blueprints can cost anywhere from $800 up to $2500, not including the engineering and building permit costs. Keeping all of this in mind will help you stay within your budget so you can purchase with peace of mind.  

Getting you the Right Patio Cover

There's much information to consider when you are looking for patio covers, so you want to know that you have a team on your side that can offer you the highest quality products on the market and exceptional service that you can depend on. Clark Wagaman Designs has both to provide you with, and we pride ourselves on our experience and care. When you're ready to get a patio covering installed, give us a call and let our experts take you through the process step by step.

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