Signs You Need Patio Cover Repair

December 5, 2022
Signs You Need Patio Cover Repair

Patio covers in Davis, CA, can help create a bold and unique look for your outside area. The biggest concern is ensuring it's a safe place for anyone who wants to enjoy it. There are several key things to look for to help ensure the materials and structure are still sound and in excellent condition, and we have them listed below in this article.

Damaged Materials

Your joists, post, and beams are all key structural pieces that make up the patio cover. If you're finding rot or termite damage, it is no longer able to perform in a practical way, and you may have to consider doing a replacement to keep it a safe environment.

The Hardware is Failing

If an older patio is exposed to extreme storms or the property is near the ocean, the hardware failing, or rusting is a common issue. These are crucial pieces because they help maintain the structural integrity of the entire unit, so if you're finding these issues, you may need to consider replacing the failing parts or rebuilding the whole structure.

Arching Beams

If the patio cover was not built correctly, there's always a risk of the support posts being too big which can result in bending or arching. Both are problematic because it turns the structure into a safety issue, and in most cases, it will fail. These beams help support the roof portion, which means if they do arch, there is the risk of it being unsafe for anyone to use.

The Foundation has Damage

The foundation of the patio is also another crucial area to inspect. In areas where earthquakes are more frequent, this can cause a shift in the soil and end up cracking the concrete foundation. If you find damage, this can affect the posts because they are directly connected, and you may have to consider installing a complete replacement.

The Structure is Not Up to Code

All of the above issues can happen with this last consideration because if the structure is not built correctly and codes are not followed, chances are it will fail. In addition, not following codes means it would need to be demolished and rebuilt, so if you are considering getting an installation done, be sure to work with a professional company.

When You Need Professional and Trusted Installations, We Got You Covered

You can see several things to consider ensuring that your patio cover is functional and safe. Regular maintenance and inspections can also help you stay on top of any areas that may be wearing, and if you find you need to do a new installation, we are your local experts.

We specialize in products ranging from louvers to patio covers in Davis, CA, and work hard to create a design you will love. We have been serving our community for more than three decades and are here to answer any questions you have, so contact us today.

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