Tips and Considerations for Patio Cover Care

October 24, 2022
Tips and Considerations for Patio Cover Care

Patio covers in El Dorado Hills, CA, keep the entire space protected through the seasons, and it also allows you to utilize the area anytime you want, so caring for it essential. Like anything else in your home, it will need its type of care over the years, so we have created this helpful guide highlighting the most important tasks to be completed for general maintenance on the patio cover.

Remove the Mold and Mildew

One of the first steps to enhancing its durability is ensuring that any buildup of mildew or mold is removed as soon as possible. It is recommended to clean it off as quickly as possible because the longer it sits there, the harder it will be to remove the existing build-up.

In most cases, these buildups are caused by too much moisture, so you also want to be sure to have appropriate drainage, and if you find moisture underneath the area, you may need to invest in a sump pump to keep the water from pooling. In addition, not cleaning it could lead to a more costly repair or fix over the long run, so it is recommended to address this issue as quickly as possible.

Keep it Repaired

Another way to promote longevity is to repair any issues with the patio cover as soon as they arise. Whether the space has been damaged from storms, wear and tear over time, or water damage, these can reduce how structurally sound and potentially become a safety issue. If you notice any missing hardware, bowing, or structural damage, address this as quickly as possible.

Ensure it is Cleaned

Debris can build up any time during the year, especially if you have trees or brush in the outdoor environment. There's also the potential for animals and insects to build nests and take advantage of this space. Unfortunately, not addressing this issue can make the situation more problematic and be costly in the long run to fix. Taking the time to remove any debris buildup will help ensure that your structure is sounder, is more aesthetically pleasing, and could help retain its value for a longer period.

Do Regular Inspections

The last recommendation is to ensure you are doing regular inspections on the cover. This can include cleanings, removing debris, making repairs, and checking for significant issues like cracks, loose structure sections, and missing hardware to ensure longevity.

Your Trusted and Local Experts 

Keeping up on your patio space is crucial, and taking the time for regular maintenance, can help save you money in the long run by not needing costly repairs. Professionally installed patio covers in El Dorado Hills, CA, to help enhance the overall space and increase your home's value. Finding a high-quality company that understands what attention to detail means for installation is crucial, and we are here to work alongside you to create a vision you love. Our team is here to answer any questions you might have, so contact us today.

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