3 Ways to Get More Square Footage

December 28, 2020
3 Ways to Get More Square Footage

People are spending a lot more time at home these days. Policies to combat the spread of COVID-19 mean that more people are working from home, schooling from home, and socializing from home. The fact that many families are seeing more of each other than they’re used to can cause some friction if there’s really not a lot of space to have some alone time. If you want more space, there are various things you can do. What follows are 3 ways you can get more space – and one of them is to equip your Davis, CA home with a patio cover.

1. Declutter or Renovate 

One way you can create more space is by decluttering or renovating. Most people have homes that are, in a word, overfurnished. By getting rid of the large piano in the living room that no one has played in years or by renovating the basement so that it’s a more inviting place for rest and relaxation, you can create more space. Use your imagination and figure out what things you can do to boost the usable square footage in your home. Consider your budget and then figure out what you can afford. You and your family will be better off after decluttering or renovating. 

2. Relocate 

If you really believe that your home is way too small and don’t think decluttering or renovating will cut it, you might want to explore possibly moving to a larger residence. While this is probably the most effective way to get more space for you and yours, it’s also the costliest – by far. Also consider that the COVID-19 pandemic might make the home selling and home buying process more trouble than it’s worth. So while relocating is still a live option, you’ll probably want to consider other options instead.  

3. Install Patio Cover 

You might wonder how a patio cover could ever help solve the space problem. Consider that a patio cover over your back deck will immediately transform your deck into another “room” where you and your family can go to. You won’t have to worry about the rain or other such things. The covering overhead will literally make your back deck more functional. The space can, in fact, become an extension of your home. If you add some outdoor furniture to your deck, you’ll boost the useable square footage of your property for a reasonable cost.  

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