How to Decide Where to Place You Patio Cover

October 19, 2020
How to Decide Where to Place You Patio Cover

Are you confident that this will be the year that you finally get a patio cover for your home? The only thing worse than getting something later than you should have is not getting it at all. So if you don’t have a patio cover for your Davis, CA home, the sooner you get one the better. When you start to experience all the benefits to be had by having a patio cover, you will wonder why you dilly-dallied. A patio cover truly is a transformational home improvement project.

But while you’re pondering which one makes the most sense for your needs, you’ll want to reflect on the best place for your patio cover. Here are some things to mull over.


Most people place their patio cover directly over their patio, and that makes sense for lots of reasons. But remember that a patio cover doesn’t necessarily have to directly over your back deck. For any of a number of reasons, you may choose to place it someplace else. You’ll want a patio cover to be set up where it makes the most sense. Consider the main reasons you want one. Do you want to have a place to spend more time with your family? Do you like to entertain? If so, you’ll want to consider this as it relates to placement of the patio cover.

Space Constraints 

You’ll have to realistic when determining placement. What is the size of your backyard? What is the size of your back deck or patio deck? The dimensions and sizes of your backyard and deck will play a role in where you place the patio cover. When you arrange for a consultation on your property with someone from the patio cover store, the staff member who comes will be able to advise you on any space constraints that need to be considered.


Are there any powerlines or anything else on your property that could potentially get in the way of a patio cover? You will have to take things like this into consideration. Again, the patio cover company staff member will be able to advise you of any placement issues caused by things like power lines.

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