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Installing a Solarium Can Benefit Both You and Your Roseville Home in a Myriad of Ways

Roseville CA Solarium

Feeling cooped up or maybe a little sun-deprived? This is the season to shake off the winter blues in full force! If you live in Roseville, CA, then you know all about the comfortable fall and spring temperatures and the nice warm summers we enjoy here. During the spring and summer, everyone wants to be outdoors. And can you be blamed? It feels so good to have the warm California sun on our bare skin. Don’t you just love the sound of a powerful summer rainstorm? What if, instead of staying indoors, you could enjoy the thunder and lightning show firsthand, but still stay nice and dry? When you choose to install a solarium, this is possible. And remember, the experience of a rainstorm is just one of almost endless benefits you will enjoy.

The difference between a solarium and a sunroom

So, what exactly is a solarium? Is it the same thing as a sunroom? What are the differences between the two? This should clear up the confusion: “Solarium” is defined as a “room fitted with extensive areas of glass to admit sunlight”, and this is fairly accurate. The word “solarium” comes from the Latin word “sol”, meaning sun. Solariums were popular in medieval times, and they were often located in hospitals. The purpose was to trap as much light as possible, and they were used by hospitals and sanatoriums so that the patients could enjoy the health benefits of the sun during their stay. Solariums remain popular today as an ideal place which lets in a lot of light. A solarium is a great place for having tea or coffee with friends, reading a good book, entertaining guests, or simply relaxing. Another great thing about solariums is that they have glass panels on the ceiling and all sides, which allows for an outstanding view of the night sky. A solarium allows you to feel completely connected to the sky, landscape and nature, but at the same time stay protected from the elements all year round. On the other hand, a “sun room” is a word that refers to any room that has large windows (sometimes even a wall) made of glass. The sun room is designed for its inhabitants to be able to enjoy the sun. The sun room also has many benefits. A sun room allows you enjoy your backyard, garden (or that beautiful Roseville view) without having to worry about bad weather or mosquitoes. While “sun room” and “solarium” are often used interchangeably, the main difference is that a solarium is made up almost entirely of glass, while a sun room may have just glass windows. Both solariums and sun rooms are considered "four-season" rooms, which means they serve as an addition to your home, and are able to be heated or cooled, just like the rest of your house.

Typically overlooked benefits of sunlight and how a solarium will help you get more sun

Roseville gets on average, 247 days of sunshine every year, and while many people are aware of the risks of getting too much sun, most don’t realize that sunlight brings enormous health benefits as well. Let’s take a look at some of the surprising benefits you can enjoy when you install a solarium and start getting more sunshine!
  • Sunlight can help prevent cancer - A four-year study concluded that vitamin D supplementation produced a 60% drop in the risk of developing any kind of cancer. This is great news, because sunlight is full of that good old vitamin D, so roll up the shades, and soak it up!
  • Sunlight lowers the risk for multiple sclerosis - It is a commonly-known fact that MS is much more common in populations that reside farther from the equator. What you may not know, however, is that early exposure to sunlight (also linked to vitamin D levels) in the first two decades of life, significantly lowers your chance of developing MS.
  • Sunlight helps heal psoriasis - One study found that a four-week sunbathing therapy significantly reduced psoriatic symptoms in 84% of the subjects.
  • Sunlight can ease depression - One study on the connection between sunlight and our mood, found that on sunny days, our brains produce more serotonin (a natural antidepressant) than on days without sunshine.
  • Sunlight contributes to healthy bones in older adults - As many of us know already, vitamin D promotes the absorption of bone-strengthening calcium. New research reveals that higher levels of vitamin D3 in the blood are associated with a lower rate of all kinds of bone fractures, while lower levels of vitamin D3 are present with a higher rate of fractures.
  • Sunlight improves your sleep quality - When sunlight hits your eyes, your brain gets a message to produce melatonin (the chemical that promotes sleep). Therefore, when we are exposed to sunlight during the day, we will sleep much better when the sun goes down.

How Clark Wagaman can help you build the solarium of your dreams

For over 35 years, Clark Wagaman Designs has been building sunrooms, solariums and patio covers for Roseville residents, and the surrounding Sacramento area. We offer many stunning solarium and patio designs in every color, material and design you can imagine. You can choose energy efficient features like Low-E, argon-filled panes and Energy Star qualified glass. Here at CW Designs, we are proud to make it our goal to offer you the best product, workmanship, and price every day, as well as our famous friendly customer service! We will work diligently to build your solarium faster than you may have thought possible! You can be assured that your project will be handled with the dedication and experience that you deserve, in order to ensure that you get a beautiful patio or solarium that lasts a lifetime! Roseville is a great place to live, and a wonderful place to “stop and smell the roses” so be sure to take some time to enjoy life. You can start by enjoying your new solarium. Call us today for your free consultation and estimate. We look forward to hearing from you!

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  1. Ceda-Alum Construction – For a patio cover that requires very low maintenance and lasts a lifetime. Ceda-Alum features the look of real wood, the durability of aluminum and a limited lifetime warranty.
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In addition to building many types of patio covers Clark Wagaman Designs also builds sun rooms, room enclosures and solariums. The Ceda-Alum construction materials are available in 8 colors and feature a lifetime material warranty on the finish. You get a patio that looks great year after year with very low maintenance.

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