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Replacement Windows Will Optimize the Performance of Your Folsom Home

Folsom CA Replacement Windows

If you are a homeowner in Folsom, CA, you know what a great place it can be to live, with its' great dining, shopping and the wonderful scenery you can enjoy right through your windows. Window replacement may not be at the top of your list, but perhaps it should be. If you notice that your windows are drafty, foggy, or difficult to open or close, or have rotting sills or frames, it's time to consider the tremendous list of benefits that replacement windows can offer your Folsom home. Window replacement will save you money on your energy bills, stabilize your inside temperatures, improve your home’s curb appeal and its security. It’s also good to know that if you ever decide to put your home on the market, replacement windows can yield up to a 73% return on your investment! So maybe now is the time to take a closer look at window replacement.

The advantages of replacing your old windows with vinyl replacement windows

The list of benefits from installing replacement windows is a long one. Here are just a few of things you will enjoy when you decide to install new windows for your home in Folsom, CA.

Financial benefits - Perhaps one of the most significant benefits of windows replacement is the energy savings you will gain as a homeowner. The majority of older homes are stuck with single pane windows which are highly inefficient. In fact, these windows are often the source of up to 30% of your home’s heat loss. The good news is that today’s windows are more advanced than ever before, especially in energy efficiency. When you replace your old drafty windows with brand new ones, you will immediately notice that your heating and cooling costs will be reduced by up to 25%. When you get a double or triple pane window filled with argon or krypton gas, you can keep even more energy from escaping your house. You can also increase the value of your Folsom home when you update it with new windows. Keep in mind that there are also tax benefits available for Folsom homeowners who install energy efficient windows. Reports show that window replacement is in the top five return on investment home improvement projects.

Increased home security - Many Folsom homeowners don’t realize that installing new windows can actually increase the security of your home. Most old windows have loose locking mechanisms, which make them all the easier to be pried open from the outside of your house. However, new windows are highly resistant to forced entry, and they are built with improved locking mechanisms which ensure that your home will be as secure as possible.

Enhanced curb appeal - New windows are aesthetically appealing and they will lend your house a cleaner and polished look, making your house look brighter both inside and out. There is an incredible array of options for window choices, including size and style. You can be creative by choosing a bay window with a widow seat or replacing an old picture window with a convenient awning window. Your choices are only limited by your imagination!
Decreased noise pollution-One benefit to adding replacement windows is the fact that they can prevent outside noise from entering as well as from the inside to the outside.

Overall comfort - New windows will increase your interior comfort levels by reducing drafts and maintaining comfortable temperatures all year round-no matter the outside temperatures.

Low maintenance - If you have old windows, (especially wood) they can be a real inconvenience to maintain and keep clean. But Clark Wagaman replacement windows are specifically designed to require practically no maintenance at all. In fact, you can keep your vinyl windows clean with a simple, occasional wash with soap and water, and painting and staining will be a thing of the past! Vinyl windows are designed to never crack, peel or fade, they are highly resistant to weather and insects, and will never rust, warp or corrode. When it comes to window replacement, vinyl windows will give you the best performance for the least cost, and perhaps this is why they are the most popular choice on the window replacement market today.

How Clark Wagaman Designs can help you with your windows replacement

Clark Wagaman Designs believes that our customers deserve the highest quality replacement windows with the most experienced workmanship, at the fairest price available. This is why we are proud to offer Alside replacement windows for your Folsom home. For over 65 years, Alside has set the standard for innovative windows which are engineered to provide your home with the optimum performance, beauty and energy efficiency. Whether you are remodeling, renovating or building a brand new home, Alside windows will deliver unmatched durability, curb appeal and energy savings, all at your specific style desires and budget needs. Clark Wagaman Designs believes that your home is your castle. It is the place where you grow and live, and the haven you to rest and relax. Our Alside replacement windows will improve your Folsom home’s comfort and performance, and your investment is guaranteed to perform for a lifetime. Best of all, window replacement is not the only thing we offer. CW Designs also builds stunning patio covers, sun rooms, room enclosures and solariums as well. The Wagaman family has been providing excellent construction in the Sacramento area for more than 35 years, and we can’t wait to help you create the home of your dreams! Call us today for your free consultation and estimate!

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Patio Designs

Outstanding Patio Designs

You will see a variety of beautiful patio cover design ideas in our photo gallery. We build fully covered patios, lattice covers, combo covers, decks, and freestanding structures. There are two very important things included with every patio cover we build, these are;

  1. Ceda-Alum Construction – For a patio cover that requires very low maintenance and lasts a lifetime. Ceda-Alum features the look of real wood, the durability of aluminum and a limited lifetime warranty.
  2. The Wagaman dedication to quality and professionalism in construction. To Clark this means delivering the very best service and the best price on a new patio cover for your home.
Patio Construction

Outdoor Patio Construction That Lasts A Lifetime

In addition to building many types of patio covers Clark Wagaman Designs also builds sun rooms, room enclosures and solariums. The Ceda-Alum construction materials are available in 8 colors and feature a lifetime material warranty on the finish. You get a patio that looks great year after year with very low maintenance.

Thank you for visiting our website. While you are here be sure to look at the pictures of the patios we’ve built in the photo gallery. We are experts at building patios – let us build one for you! We want you to enjoy EVERY day, not just the holidays!