You Don't Have to Worry About Patio Cover Installation During COVID-19

July 27, 2020
You Don't Have to Worry About Patio Cover Installation During COVID-19

If you’d like to get a patio cover but are worried about having installers come onto your property to set it up during the COVID-19 crisis, you’re not alone. Many people are on edge given the so many unknowns about the virus and how easily it can spread. But one thing you should know is that Sacramento, CA patio cover stores have strict protocols in place to ensure you stay safe.

Here are some things to keep in mind so that you don’t worry needlessly about getting the patio cover you want.


You can rest assured that staff members at patio cover retailers have been trained. They understand what they should and should not do, so you can be confident that the goal is to keep customers like you safe and to keep employees safe as well. That’s a win-win situation.

Work Takes Place Outside 

Since the patio cover will, of course, be set up outside, you won’t have to worry about installers entering your home at all. This should give you some peace of mind. During the consultation process, a staff member from the patio cover store will be onsite to take proper measurements and to find out where you want the patio cover set up and what kind of patio cover you want. On installation day, installers will come at the agreed upon time and will set it up. All this will be done without installers have to enter into your home. So you won’t have to worry about letting in people you don’t know.

Social Distancing 

The staff members will practice social distancing and will do other things to ensure that they are not unnecessarily too close in proximity to each other or to you and your family during the installation process. They will also use whatever protective gear is required to complete the job safely such as masks and gloves.

Installers Won’t Report for Work if They’re Sick 

Patio cover stores aren’t taking any unnecessary risks. So while workers are being encouraged to practice social distancing, to sneeze or cough into their elbows, and to wash their hands regularly, they’re also being instructed to remain at home if they’re sick. Self-quarantining is a priority for all workers who either have coronavirus symptoms or have been exposed to someone who has any such issues. So you can rest assured that workers who come to your property to set up the patio cover will be in good health and ready to get to work. 

Sacramento, CA patio cover

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