Wood or Aluminum, Which One is Best for Your Patio Cover Choice?

December 6, 2021
Wood or Aluminum, Which One is Best for Your Patio Cover Choice?

Your outdoor patio is a place that is meant for relaxation and hosting family and friends. But when it comes to upgrading patio covers in Davis, CA, you may not know what the right decision is and be confused on how to choose between aluminum or wood. It is vital to get the correct information to make a decision based on your needs.  



Aluminum is one of the more lightweight materials on the market. What this means is when you choose this option, you're going to be spending less money on installation costs and transportation due to the weight reduction. It will require fewer individuals for the project, which will also help save cash.  

It comes in a versatile array of paints that are well suited for inclement weather. This means that you will be able to find a color you love without having to do the work of painting it.  

An attractive benefit to utilizing this material is that its easy maintenance with soap and some water. It doesn't require any in-depth sanding or specialized sealants, and it's also resistant to moisture as well as pests. In addition, when you utilize aluminum, it will come in large sheets, which will be more cost-effective than wood material.  


The first drawback to using aluminum is that it is so lightweight that it may be more prone to be damaged or dented. Keep this in mind if you have a lot of trees around your home or live in a high-traffic area where projectiles could land on the surface.  

Aluminum is running functional than visually pleasing, so if you're looking for something that will stand out amongst the crowd, it will take more to create this effect with aluminum.


This is highly beneficial because it comes in a massive array of design options to match post style. The price will vary depending on the kind of would you choose and if you hire a contractor for the installation.  


Wood is incredibly durable, unlike aluminum, and will stand up to stress more efficiently.

There's more of an option for creativity depending on the lumber type you choose and decorative accenting or stain color.  

Wood comes in a wider variety of designs and is versatile in high-end construction or more delicate variations.  

The individual sections of lumber are more manageable to replace than the metal. This also means that a more extensive selection will have to be removed when dealing with aluminum.


Wood requires regular maintenance every few years as it is susceptible to deterioration from moisture, son, and pests with staining or painting as part of the process.  

Here to Help  

Whether your choice is aluminum or wood, having a better understanding of the differences, Will help you make a beneficial decision for yourself and your patio. If you are looking for patio covers in Davis, CA, Clark Wagaman Designs understands all the aspects that go into creating a beautiful and functional patio cover, so give us a call today for your free consultation.

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