Ways to Know it is Time to Replace Your Patio

December 13, 2021
Ways to Know it is Time to Replace Your Patio

There is no doubt that your patio area is a place that you want to host family and friends with. When doing routine maintenance, what you do can last for some time, but it can break down like anything else with normal wear and tear from elements. Understanding what to look for will help you know when to start looking for new patio covers in El Dorado Hills, CA, and replace the ones you have. Clark Wagaman Designs is here to give you the most common signs to look for.  


There are several parts on a patio cover that you will need to pay attention to ensure that it's still a safe area to utilize and doesn't need replacement. All patio covers have pieces that keep the structural integrity intact, and if any of them have sustained damage, you will need to consider getting a replacement. When you inspect the area, look at the joists, beams, and posts for any rot or insect damage signs.  

Foundation Issues

Depending on where you live will affect different parts of the patio cover. If you live in an area where earthquakes are frequent, the foundation can be more susceptible to shifting, and this also can happen naturally over time. One major thing you want to check for is that the concrete foundations are not damaged. If you find there is any problems or cracks, call a professional immediately to resolve the situation.  


If you live near a location that has saltwater, one area that can be problematic is rusting. Because the connectors are generally metal, they can be more prone to a breakdown in this way, and this is concerning because the connectors function properly create the entire structure to fail. If you do see any rusted or corroded hardware, it is recommended to replace it immediately.  


Depending on the quality of how the patio cover was built can affect the supporting posts. If you have noticed that the beams are beginning to arc, this can be a significant concern because these are a natural support for the roof, and a failure can be potentially catastrophic.  

Total Failure

And the last concern, like many of the other issues listed above, is simply the contractor not following building codes. If you are noticing signs of failure, the whole structure may need to be rebuilt from scratch, so it's essential to make sure that whoever you hire is not only following local codes but manufacturing requirements for the material.  

Locally Trusted

Clark Wagaman Designs has been in business for over three decades, serving our local community. We take pride in offering the highest quality product and customer service on the market and are dedicated to creating an outdoor patio that our clients will love. We specialize in screen rooms, louvers, and patio covers in El Dorado Hills, CA, and want you to know we are here to help. Let our attention to detail create a patio cover you love, so give us a call today.

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