Tips to Help You Create the Perfect Sunroom in Davis, CA

June 11, 2018
Tips to Help You Create the Perfect Sunroom in Davis, CA

Installing a sunroom in your Davis, CA home might be one of the best investments for your property. Does your family have a comfortable place to gather and spend time together? It is important that you spend quality time with the people that you love so that you can create lasting memories.

If your home is too crowded or cramped, then it can be hard to find the right place to share a meal or play board games. One solution you might consider is to install a sunroom so that you have a comfortable, natural gathering place when everyone is home.

Do you envision a sunroom in Davis, CA  where you can spend summer evenings together or gather for Sunday dinner? Here are a few tips to create the perfect sunroom for your family:

Spacious Floorplan
You are investing in your home, so make sure that you don’t cut corners on the design! It might be tempting to save money by decreasing the square footage, but your family will suffer due to the lack of floor space for the gathering. Make sure that the sunroom is large enough to accommodate the people that you will be hosting.

Windows and Shade
Big, picture windows can create the perfect sunroom. You can relax inside and watch your kids playing in the backyard at the same time. But, there are times when you want to enjoy the shade instead of sitting in the sun. So, you should consider the options that are available to find the right balance of windows and shaded areas in the sunroom.

Storage Shelves and Cupboards
How do you plan to use the sunroom? A few shelves or cupboards can offer the perfect solution to improve the function of the room. For example, you might have a cupboard that holds all of the exercise equipment so that everything is accessible for your morning workout. Then, another cupboard might be the location where you store your favorite games that come out on the weekends when the family is together.

Airflow and Temperature Regulation
When there are big windows that face the sun, it is important that you have a way to control the climate during the hottest times of the day. Some people choose to connect the sunroom with the main HVAC system for the home. For example, the central air might bring in the air-conditioned air through vents. Or, you can create a stand-alone temperature control with a wall-mount air conditioning unit. If you aren’t going to be using the sunroom throughout the day, then a one-room air conditioning system is usually a cost-efficient solution.

Custom Designs for Your Family
The most important thing that you can do is consider the way your family will be using the sunroom. What activities will you be enjoying in the room? These details can be incorporated into your custom design, ensuring that you create the perfect addition to your Davis, CA home.

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