The Guide to Various Types of Patio Covers

January 3, 2023
The Guide to Various Types of Patio Covers

Patios increase the floor space of our homes home, literally expanding it. People essentially have a new space to socialize or unwind. However, on a hot summer day, the glaring sun may transform a lovely patio into a scorching heater. And, in order to protect you and your furniture, installing a patio cover is a bright idea. In fact, you will enjoy a lot of things just by putting a patio cover. Even if it’s raining or it’s too hot, you can stay on your patio and enjoy while resting on it. Good thing, our company also offers patio covers near El Dorado Hills, CA. We can fully assist you in your needs.

But for now, it is essential to know that there are different types of patio cover where you can choose from. It is important to understand that there are these kinds of patio roofs, so you will be knowledgeable and easy for you to choose the best suits your needs. Here are the six various types of patio covers:


You can get cover with a view under a pergola. The pergola is a reasonable option if you want a spacious, open area. It is made up of wooden slats that cover your patio. Depending on the pergola's style, you can either create a small, private place or a larger, more open space. The space will feel more open if your slats are wider.


Usually, when we heard gazebos, we typically think of a cozy atmosphere for a performance or ceremony, such as band gazebo. Further, a gazebo is a free-standing building with a sturdy roof but no walls. Now, if you want to create an intimate setting while hanging out for drinks with a few friends, then a gazebo is the perfect choice.  


Despite being a traditional kind of shading, awnings can now be seen in sleeker, more modern designs. Even awnings that automatically extend or retract based on the weather are available, unlike gazebos and pergolas are permanent.


Umbrellas are probably the most basic cover structure available. They are carefree, lightweight, and cost-effective. In fact, when you're outside, you can put them in a group with some tables and chairs to get some shade.

Thatched Roofs

Create a patio cover with a thatched roof if you want to create an island, tropical atmosphere in your garden. In the end, you'll have the ideal getaway spot in your backyard and a great vibe for entertaining at your own tiki bar.

Solid Patio Cover

Last but not definitely the lest is the solid patio covers. Your outdoor space will receive complete cover and weather protection from this great shading choice. As a matter of fact, solid patio covers have a lot of benefits. They can protect you from the harsh UV rays, water damage, and many more.

There are bunch of patio covers in El Dorado Hills, CA as well. You can pick what suits your taste and your necessities. If you have any question, don’t be shy to contact us so we can help you in everything that you need.

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