Sunrooms Help You Keep the Bugs Away from Your Family in Davis, CA

September 11, 2017
Sunrooms Help You Keep the Bugs Away from Your Family in Davis, CA

Do you love the idea of enjoying the evening on the back deck with the family, but it’s hard to spend too much time outside because of the bugs? It can be hard to relax if you feel like you are swatting mosquitos all evening long. Some areas of Davis, CA don’t have a lot of bugs. But, it only takes a few mosquitos to ruin a perfectly good evening.

Blend a Comfortable Living Space with Nature

The benefit of having a sun room in your home is that you can spend time in a comfortable area while enjoying the fresh air. Instead of staying inside all day, you can step into the sunroom and open the screened windows to bring in the breeze. People love the idea of enjoying nature while staying in an area that is protected from bugs and rodents.

You will feel like the sunroom is an extension of your home. It adds the extra square footage that you need to host a big group when it is time to gather friends and family for a party. At the same time, the sunroom will become a sanctuary if you need a place to enjoy a morning cup of coffee or somewhere to relax at the end of the day.

Custom Designs for Your Sun Room

As you learn more about the sunroom industry, you will see that there are many options for your design. You can work with an experienced team to hand-pick the features and materials that should be used. This process will help you create the home of your dreams!

During the design phase, our team at Clark Wagaman Designs will ask specific questions to learn more about your preferences for the project. Then, we will make recommendations based on the things that match the needs of your family.

For example, we will talk about the way that you plan to use the sunroom, helping us to identify the right placement of the room for your home. If you want an area that is shaded through most of the day, then we might recommend placement on the north side of the building. You also might consider a sunroom with a solid roof instead of glass.

Other homeowners want to maximize the sunlight as much as possible. So, they choose a southern placement for the sunroom, and most of the windows and ceiling areas are designed with wide glass panels.

Pick a Reputable Sunroom Installation Team

The most important decision that you can make is to choose an installation team with a great reputation. Here at Clark Wagaman Designs, we are working hard to be the leading sunroom installer in Davis, CA and the surrounding areas. Our team is always focused on customer satisfaction.

Learn more about sunrooms by contacting the experts here at Clark Wagaman Designs. You are invited to come to our office at 3500 Power Inn Rd Ste C Sacramento, CA 95826. Or, call when you are ready to schedule a complimentary consultation: (916) 825-4736

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