Should You Invest in a Sunroom Addition for Your Folsom, CA Home?

May 29, 2017
Should You Invest in a Sunroom Addition for Your Folsom, CA Home?

Does your family feel stir-crazy when the weather is rainy and you need to stay inside? It is nice to get fresh air when the sun is out, but many people feel like they need to stay indoors if it is raining. A sunroom is a great opportunity to expand your living space! This addition will create an area that allows you to enjoy the beautiful views, regardless of the weather conditions outside.

The weather is often warm in Folsom, CA, and a sunroom can be a good solution to stay in a cooler area while enjoying the sunshine at the same time. You can custom-design your home addition to select the best features and style that will work for your family.

Full or Partial Glass Sunroom?

As you are comparing options for sunrooms, is it better to focus on a full glass or partial glass design? Full glass means that the walls are open with glass panels, allowing the sunlight to come into the room in a fuller fashion. On the other hand, the partial glass will bring in a lot of natural sunlight while maintaining some shady areas.

Consider the way that you will use the sunroom, then pick the design that matches your preferences. For example, a full glass design can help you maximize the space that is available for potted plants and greenery. A partial glass design is nice if you want to enjoy the warm room, but avoid direct sunlight through the windows.

Modern Design Features for Your Sunroom

Technology has transformed the sunroom industry, giving you many options to improve the comfort and quality of your room. With a stable foundation and insulated floors, you can stay comfortable all year long. Pop-out windows give you the opportunity to maximize ventilation when the weather is nice outside.

Depending on the location of your sunroom, you might be able to take advantage of the passive solar gain. For example, rooms that are facing the south or west will get more direct sunlight compared to a location on the north or east walls of the home.

Tempered glass and other safety features are built into these designs so you can reduce the risk of injury and unwanted intruders with your sunroom.

Improve Your Lifestyle with a Sunroom

If you are tired of feeling “closed-in” when you are at home, consider the benefits of installing a sunroom. This space can be a great location to enjoy a cup of coffee in the morning or to wind down with a delicious dinner after a long day at work.

When you are ready to learn more about the benefits of sunrooms in Folsom, CA, talk to our team for more information. We will gladly discuss your goals and help you create the perfect design for your home. Clark Wagaman Designs is located at 3500 Power Inn Rd Ste C Sacramento, CA 95826. Call anytime for a free quote: (916) 825-4736.

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