Patio Covers: Before and After

January 18, 2021
Patio Covers: Before and After

Buying a patio cover for your Davis, CA home is a wonderful idea. So it’s the sort of home improvement project that is worth the investment. But what if you’re still sitting on the fence? One way you can make a decision is by considering before-and-after scenarios.

Shade: Before 

Without a patio cover, you and your family may not have sufficient shade when out on the patio deck. Sure, you might have some trees to provide a measure of relief from the heat. But there may be times of the day when you all have to retreat inside. Too much exposure to direct sunlight is unhealthy. So you’ll want to get your daily dose of vitamin D in moderation.

Shade: After 

With a patio cover, you’ll have sufficient shade all the time. This means you’ll be able to stay outside as long as you want without having to worry about getting too much exposure to direct sunlight. It will feel great to know that whether it’s nice outside or way too hot, you’ll have all the shade you need to safely enjoy the great outdoors.

Family Time: Before 

Without a patio cover, family time will be subject to the weather. You and your family might be outdoors enjoying good food and good conversation. But what happens if it starts to rain? Quite simply, you and yours will have to grab your plates and head indoors in a hurry. So family fun time outdoors will always come with a weather-pending warning. That’ll put a damper on things!

Family Time: Later 

With a patio cover, you and your family will get to enjoy fun time outdoors without having to worry about what Mother Nature has up her sleeve. There won’t be any weather-pending warning since the patio cover overhead will provide all the protection you could ever need.

Square Footage:  Before 

Without a patio cover, you may find that there’s too little space when the family gets together. It’s one thing if the environment is cozy – but it’s another thing if the environment is cramped. You’ll want to avoid the latter at all costs – especially now that social distancing is required.

patio cover for your Davis, CA

Square Footage: After 

With a patio cover, you will, in a way, expand the useable square footage of your residence. The reason for this is that your patio deck will be just as functional as any indoor space in your home. So you won’t have to cram family members indoors. Some can be indoors and some outdoors – all enjoying time with loved ones. 

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