Patio Covers: 4 Benefits You Can Expect for Your Davis, CA Home

March 5, 2018
Patio Covers: 4 Benefits You Can Expect for Your Davis, CA Home

There are many ways that you can enjoy a covered patio in your yard. If you want to upgrade your Davis, CA home, then you should consider the advantages of patio covers. Here are a few things that you can expect after the installation is complete:

Benefit #1: Improve the Appearance of the Backyard
When the yard looks drab and outdated, then it pulls down the overall appearance of your home. Instead of settling for a subpar yard, improve the landscaping and other features that will add comfort and style to the yard. Patio covers offer a great solution!

Choose colors and materials that will match the stylistic elements of your home. Then, consider other features that can also help to improve the outdoor area. For example, nice patio furniture can turn a basic space into a functional area for hosting.

Benefit #2: Spend More Time Outside

Not only will this feature add shade for your family, but you can enjoy the outdoor weather without worrying about sun exposure. When the sun gets hot in the afternoons, many people feel like they need to stay inside. Patio covers make it possible to go outside whenever you would like while staying protected from the harmful UV rays.

The patio can be the perfect place to read a book, play games with the kids, or start the day on your yoga mat. Enjoy these activities while breathing in fresh air and looking at the beauty that surrounds your property.

Benefit #3: Increase Functional Living Space

The right patio cover acts as an extension of the living space in your home. If you are hosting friends and family for a meal, then you can use the patio for extra seating. Consider adding an outdoor counter and sink, or even a full outdoor kitchen if you plan to do a lot of hosting.

Extending the party to the outdoor areas makes it easier to invite large crowds. Even if it is raining, attendees can spread out so that everyone is comfortable in the house.

Benefit #4: Minimize Maintenance Outside
These materials are built to be maintenance-free. So, you can upgrade your home without worrying about the ongoing maintenance that might be required. The finish won’t crack or peel due to weather damage. Patio covers stay strong despite the fluctuating weather patterns outside.

Plus, the protected patio helps to reduce the maintenance that is needed for your patio furniture. When the furniture is protected from the sun, it slows down the wear and tear. You will see that patio furniture lasts longer when it is placed on a shaded patio.

At Clark Wagaman Designs, we offer custom patio covers in Davis, CA and the surrounding neighborhoods. Visit our office at 3500 Power Inn Rd Ste C Sacramento, CA 95826. Or call if you are interested in scheduling an in-home appointment. We will inspect your yard and make recommendations about the size, placement, and materials that will look best in your yard: (916) 825-4736

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