How to Create More Room in a Crowded House

October 21, 2019
How to Create More Room in a Crowded House

You love your family – there's no doubt about that. But do you ever feel as though there are more people in your home than there is space to accommodate everyone comfortably? Chances are that you do. But short of taking a sledgehammer to walls and expanding your home with some additions, what are you to do. The good news is that you can create more space by adding a Sacramento, CA patio cover. That’s not the only option available to you, though. Here are some tips to achieve your objectives.

Get a Patio Cover 
How can a patio cover help? What a patio cover will do is essentially turn your patio deck into a playroom, living room, or den. The reason is that it will offer an overhead cover. So you won’t have to worry about the elements getting in the way should you by sitting outside watching an episode of your favorite program on your tablet or smartphone. The patio deck -- equipped with a patio cover -- will basically increase the square footage of your home since your back deck will now be useable anytime you want to use it. Since this will be the case, you and your loved ones will have more space to spread your wings. It’s important to know that the patio cover will be good for more than giving you more space. There are many advantages to having one. You can have dinner with loved ones, entertain company, have a party, and much more

Get Rid of the Clutter 
Clutter can really make a bad situation worse. If your home is on the smaller side, you don’t want to complicate matters by having too much stuff here, there, and everywhere. Do you have a clutter problem? Moving stuff from one area of the home to another area of your home won’t help much if you simply have way too many things and way too little space to accommodate these things. Trim the fat by donating excess stuff to a thrift store, throw away things that are no longer worth keeping, and sell things that have sufficient value. You’ll have more space when the clutter’s gone. It will make your home less stuffy and much safer as well since people will be less likely to trip over stuff or to bump into stuff.

Yes, there are options at your disposal if your goal is to open up more space in your home for you and your family. At Clark Wagaman Designs, we can certainly help you get a patio cover in Sacramento, CA. We can be reached at (916) 825-4736. One of our professional sales associates will be pleased to assist you and get the process started. Feel free to visit our showroom at 3500 Power Inn Rd Ste C Sacramento, CA 95826 for a look at what we can do for you. Your satisfaction is our main objective, and we have the products and the services to make your patio cover goals a reality.

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