FAQ about Sunroom Design and Construction in Folsom, CA

May 28, 2018
FAQ about Sunroom Design and Construction in Folsom, CA

Do you need more space in your home, but you don’t want to go through the hassle of moving? Instead of assuming that you need to buy a new home, consider options to upgrade the size and quality of your current home in Folsom, CA. One change can go a long way to improve your lifestyle: adding a sunroom.

Why are sunrooms so popular for homeowners? People love the way the open, airy space adds square footage and makes them feel closer to nature. As you learn about the benefits of sunrooms, it is easy to see why homeowners often invest in this upgrade.

Here are a few common questions that you might have about your Folsom, CA sunroom installation and design:

Where Should the Sunroom Be Installed?
Location is everything. Not only do you need to evaluate how the sunroom will match the floorplan of your home, but you also need to consider the room available on your lot. You need enough space to add square footage without creeping too close to the fence line.

Additionally, look at the amount of sunlight that will come into the room throughout the day. A sunroom on the north side of the home will have a lot of shade. If you want to increase sun exposure, then you need to place the sunroom on the south side of the home.

How Many Windows are Needed in a Sunroom?
Windows bring in the light and allow you to enjoy the beauty of the yard. Some homeowners choose half-windows, with a wall for privacy on the lower section of the room. The best way to bring in a lot of sunlight is to choose floor-to-ceiling windows for the sunroom. You can even install windows on the ceiling if you are planning to use the room for a greenhouse or enclosed patio area.

How Much Does a Sunroom Cost?
Installation costs vary depending on the size of the room and the materials that you select. Are you on a tight budget for the project? Talk to our team about your spending requirements and we will help you choose the details that match your budget. For example, you might reduce the number of windows in the room to decrease the overall cost of the project.

Even though you are spending money on the installation, you will benefit from higher property value in the future. It is an investment for your family.

What are the Best Uses of the New Room?
The possibilities are endless when you expand the square footage in your home! A sunroom can be used to host guests, create a fitness room, or you can use the space as a relaxing morning retreat. Consider the needs of your family, then design the sunroom around your preferences.

If you are considering sunroom design and installation for your Folsom, CA property, then you need to call the industry experts: Clark Wagaman Designs. We are always available to assist! Come to our showroom: 3500 Power Inn Rd Ste C Sacramento, CA 95826. Or call if you want to schedule an appointment: (916) 825-4736

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