El Dorado Hills, CA Homeowners: Why You Need a Patio Cover that Opens and Closes

April 2, 2018
El Dorado Hills, CA Homeowners: Why You Need a Patio Cover that Opens and Closes

You will find many options that are offered when you are designing a patio cover for your home or business location. If you are going to invest in this feature, then it makes sense to customize the design to match your preferences. At Clark Wagaman Designs, we are here to help with all types of patio cover installations in El Dorado Hills, CA and the nearby cities.

Should you choose a fixed cover that always shades the patio? Or, is it better to choose a feature that can be opened and closed as needed? Here are a few reasons why you will be glad that you selected a patio cover that opens and closes:

Control the Desired Shade
Having the option to open and close the cover enables you to manage the amount of shade that is available on the patio. If you want to sunbathe, then it is nice to have access to the sun in the patio area. But, there are many times when you need a shaded cover for outdoor activities. Whether you want to block the direct sun or you need a protected place during a rainstorm, a covered patio might be the solution that you need.

Protect Patio Furniture
Have you experienced the frustrating result of patio furniture that is damaged by sun exposure and rain? If your furniture is exposed to the weather elements, then the furniture will need to be replaced eventually. Wear and tear speeds up because of the UV rays from the sun as well as the effects of rain on the furniture. Keep the patio cover closed so that you can protect your patio and furniture.

Manage Light and Sun Exposure
If the sun is out, you have the option to open the patio cover and maximize the sunlight that comes inside. It is nice to let the sunshine in, helping to brighten your living space during certain times of the day. You also can keep the patio cover closed if you want to minimize the heat that is coming into your home due to sun exposure.

Best Environment for Outdoor Activities
Hosting parties with friends and family is fun when you have a nice outdoor area. If you have a beautiful patio, then it can be the best place for summer BBQs, bridal showers, game nights, and play dates. Even if the weather is bad, you can still have your gathering outdoors if you prefer. Keep the patio cover closed to provide a protected area where your guests can enjoy the event.

Is a patio cover a good investment for your home? You will love the results after your cover is installed! The best thing that you can do is schedule a consultation with our team to learn more about the benefits that are available for your family.

At Clark Wagaman Designs, we offer patio cover installation services in El Dorado Hills, CA and the nearby neighborhoods. Visit us at 3500 Power Inn Rd Ste C Sacramento, CA 95826. Or call if you want to learn more about the services that we provide: (916) 825-4736

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