Don't be the Only One on Your Street Without a Patio Cover

October 5, 2020
Don't be the Only One on Your Street Without a Patio Cover

Do you like to stand out from the crowd? It can be nice to on some occasions. But there are times when being different isn’t necessarily in your best interests. For instance, you don’t want to be the only person on your street in El Dorado Hills, CA without a patio cover. While there are, of course, worse things that can happen, you’ll be at a disadvantage if everyone on your road has a patio cover except for you.

Here are some ways where being the only one within a patio cover on your property can be somewhat of a negative for you.

Possible Home Valuation Issues 

There’s no doubt that having a patio cover can raise the value of your home. Quite simply, a patio cover is a cost-effective way to boost your home’s square footage. You’ll be able to use your deck almost like you would any indoor space in your home like the den or living room. If you’re the only person without a patio cover on your street or in your neighborhood, how might that impact your home valuation or the desirability of your home to homebuyers?

In a scenario where numerous homes on your street – including your own – are up for sale at the same time, your home might be worth a lower amount in their eyes. Quite simply, prospective homebuyers may choose to value your residence at less of a premium compared to homes with patio covers. You might have to lower your asking price due to your not having a patio cover.

Limited Opportunity for Outdoor Fun 

If you have no patio cover while the homes on either side of you do, you’ll be at a decided disadvantage since your fun time will always have an asterisk. While your neighbors will be able to stay outside and enjoy family time and leisure time no matter what the weather’s like, you and your family will have to head for the patio doors whenever it rains. Why should your neighbors have more fun than you and your family? You can rectify the issue by getting a patio cover.

patio covers in Eldorado Hills, CA

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