Creative Features and Options for Sunrooms in Roseville, CA

March 26, 2018
Creative Features and Options for Sunrooms in Roseville, CA

Sunrooms make a great addition to any home, helping to upgrade your property and expand your living space at the same time. If you own a home in Roseville, CA and you are considering a sunroom investment, then you need to talk to our experienced team at Clark Wagaman Designs.

Why Sunrooms?
Why would a sunroom be a good investment for your home? Adding the extra space will increase the square footage of your property. At the same time, you can bring in the natural sunlight that uplifts the energy in your home. It is wonderful to enjoy the beauty of the outdoors while maintaining the comfort of being in an enclosed area.

Expanding your home increases the area that can be used for hosting and family time. It is great to gather the family for breakfast together in the sunroom. Or, you can use the room for hosting game nights on the weekends. The possibilities are endless when you have an extra room to use in your home!

Sunroom Options for Your Custom Design
Once you decide that a sunroom is a right investment for your home, the next step is to work through the design process with our experienced team. You can hand-pick the features that will create a comfortable room for your family. Here are a few creative features and options that you might consider:

• Placement of the Sunroom: How will you be using the sunroom? If you want to bring in as much light as possible, then you need to place it on the side of the home that will maximize sun exposure. Face the main windows in a southern direction, allowing you to enjoy the sunshine as it moves across the home. Or, you can place the room on another side if you want to enjoy the shade throughout the day.
• Glass and Solid Materials: The amount of glass in the sunroom will also impact the sunlight that comes inside. Large windows make the room bright and inviting. You can have glass on the walls and ceiling. Choose full-length glass if you are creating a garden room. Or, consider partial glass if you want a little more privacy. A knee wall can be used if you want to run electric lines on that side of the room.
• Skylights: If you choose to skip the glass ceiling, then you might install skylights instead. These features open up the room and maximize sunlight. Plus, they are usually cheaper compared to sunrooms that are fully enclosed with glass.
• Ventilation and Climate Control: Install windows that can be opened so that you can manage the ventilation in the room. Another option is to install a standalone air conditioner. Or, the room can be connected to the main HVAC system.

Customize your sunroom design in Roseville, CA by talking to our expert team at Clark Wagaman Designs. Feel free to visit our office: 3500 Power Inn Rd Ste C Sacramento, CA 95826. Or call if you are interested in scheduling an in-home consultation: (916) 825-4736

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