Best Patio Cover Design Ideas

February 13, 2023
Best Patio Cover Design Ideas

A patio cover can make a lot of difference, whether you have small or big patio on your home. One of the simplest ways to rapidly transform your yard on any budget is to cover your patio, especially if you incorporate some new planting ideas or comfortable additions like an outdoor fire pit. However, there are tons of patio cover designs today. In order for you to make a good decision, consider the style you select must correspond to or enhance the overall design of your home. A company of patio covers in Davis, CA are here to help you with your decision by listing some helpful patio cover design ideas that you might want to try.

Umbrella Patio Cover

Patio umbrella covers are common near a pool. If you have an umbrella shade, taking a nap next to the pool will be wonderful. If you want a permanent patio cover, an umbrella won't be the best choice. It works nicely, though, as a temporary patio cover. Getting an umbrella for your patio is quite simple and reasonably priced, even if it is only for short-term use.


Basswood is the ideal material to use for both the cover and the flooring of a patio. A patio cover made of basswood offers shelter from all types of weather. After which, you can paint the basswood to make it more appealing and having a unique design.

Galvanized Steel Panels

Do you want a simple yet attractive look for your patio? Then, you can use the galvanized sheet to cover your patio. Galvanized steel panels retain their value for a while, allowing you time to seek for further designs you may use with the steel panels.

Enclosed Skylight

The best feature of the enclosed skylight patio cover is that you will see the sky well. The skylight is designed to peek through the cover, illuminating the patio area. And indeed, nothing compares to an outdoor patio's sky-inspired design and excellent natural lighting.

Cloth Patio Cover

Cloth patio cover is one of the cheapest and simplest roofs. And due to the ease of installation—you can even assemble the cloth patio cover yourself. Further, the material ties for the fabric patio cover need to be fastened to the edges. Make sure they are secure enough to endure powerful winds and heavy downpours.

As you see, there are many options where you can choose from, and if you’re struggling to decide on what is the perfect patio cover designs for you, consider what your main and real purpose why you want it. In that way, it will be easier for you to decide.

Our company of patio covers in Davis, CA is here to give you all the recommendations as well as help you in building your desired patio cover for your home. So, please don’t be shy in reaching us if you want additional details, suggestions, and requests. We will make sure that we will fulfill your wishes as long as we can.

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