Benefits of a Lattice Patio Cover

October 25, 2021
Benefits of a Lattice Patio Cover

If you live in an area with appealing outdoor weather, you may be considering looking for companies that install patio covers in El Dorado Hills, CA. The truth is that you want your backyard to be a location you love spending time in and a focal point for creating activities with your loved ones and friends. You may be interested in lattice patio covers, and it is no secret that this can be a significant endeavor, so you want to know the best option for your hobbies before you get started.

Key Takeaways:

  • Installing a lattice patio cover is a great way to add some character to your backyard while still being able to enjoy the outdoors.
  • Lattice covers offer some degree of shelter and are ideal for those who want access to sunlight while still having coverage from the heat of the day.
  • Available in a variety of materials such as PVC vinyl, wood, and metal.
  • Can be combined with outdoor furniture or plants for an attractive look in your backyard. 
  • Easy to install and maintain.

Why Install a Lattice Cover?

This cover is constructed by taking the materials and fastening them together but leaving a square in between the pieces to resemble a grid-like fermentation. This style has become a popular option due to its visual aesthetics and design that can complement any home or business. one fantastic benefit is that they leave access to elements on a limited basis. They offer some degree of shelter and are ideal for individuals who want access to the sunlight while still having some coverage during the brightest points of the day.

Another fantastic benefit that comes with this design is that there are great for fostering plants. Due to the shape of the latticework, you can choose to house plants that need full-spectrum light or variations that require less sun exposure. They make attractive options for growing a vine garden which can be run in between the trellis sections for any style of crawling plant.

You can choose a design that works for your home, and the lattice sections come in various sizes to control the amount of sunlight your patio will receive. This option is an effective way to moderate the amount of heat coming into your deck and reduce any UV damage to your furniture and flooring that can occur from overexposure.

The materials available can range from wood to metal and block between 60 to 70% of exposure from the sun. They offer an elegant and sophisticated design at affordable prices depending on the company you are working with. The fees can range between $2500 and $4500 and can vary depending on the size and material you choose to utilize for your creation.

Caring for Your Investment

Because the patio cover can crack or fade over time, it is recommended to occasionally rinse the structure until it is free of debris or dirt. There may be situations when a deeper cleaning may be required, and we recommend checking with your manufacturer's warranty before proceeding with any solvents or cleaning products.

We are Here for You

Clark Wagaman Designs Understands the process that it takes to create a patio cover that you love to show off. Installing a lattice patio cover can be a rewarding experience that enhances your home's aesthetic value and curb appeal. If you are looking at patio covers in El Dorado Hills, CA, we want you to know we're here to help, so give us a call today to schedule your free consultation.

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