6 Ways to Use Patio Covers in El Dorado Hills, CA

July 10, 2017
6 Ways to Use Patio Covers in El Dorado Hills, CA

It is easy to see why patio covers are popular home additions in El Dorado Hills, CA. If you are considering how to improve your home, there are many benefits to installing a new outdoor cover. Here at Clark Wagaman Designs, we specialize in patio cover and sunroom installation in the area. Our team is always available to answer your questions if you are interested.

What Can You Do with a Patio Cover?

Here are six ways you can enjoy the patio cover after the project is complete:

1. Backyard BBQ: When it is time to fire up the grill, it feels good to kick back and relax without worrying about the weather. Invite friends and family over for a backyard BBQ spread under the patio cover.

2. Morning Cup of Coffee: Having a cup of coffee in hand can be one of the best ways to start the day. Step outside to enjoy your coffee on the patio, where you can relax before starting your busy day.

3. Board or Card Games: Reduce screen time by spending more time playing board or card games with your friends and family. A covered patio is a great location for these activities. There is more space to spread out, and the kids can play in the yard while the adults visit with each other while playing a game.

4. Grow Your Food: A few pots can be the start of a great herb garden. You can also find varieties of tomatoes and other vegetables that can be grown on a patio area. This method of gardening allows you to exercise your green thumb without the need to kneel in the dirt every time you need to pull weeds. There is enough sunlight for the plants to grow, with a little shade to protect the delicate plants from overexposure.

5. Outdoor Homework: Whether you have elementary age kids or older, consider the benefits of doing homework under the patio canopy. Kids can feel cooped up if they need to spend the entire day inside. Doing their homework outside may help them to get some fresh air and learn at the same time.

6. Swimming Party: If you want to enjoy the water without full sun exposure during the day, a patio cover is almost a necessity. Fill up the pool and spend time splashing in the water with your kids. Then, you can move to the shaded patio when you are ready to minimize the sun exposure.

There are many ways to enjoy this patio area with your family! If you are looking for a way to expand your living area, you may want to consider the benefit of investing in a patio cover.

For more information about patio cover installation in El Dorado Hills, CA, contact Clark Wagaman Designs. You can visit our office at 3500 Power Inn Rd Ste C Sacramento, CA 95826. Or call to learn about the services that are available for your home: (916) 825-4736.

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