4 Tips for Building a Sunroom in Elk Grove, CA

May 14, 2018
4 Tips for Building a Sunroom in Elk Grove, CA

When you are preparing to build a sunroom, it is essential that you focus on the quality of the construction. Even though it might be tempting to save money by cutting corners, you could face problems in the future with cheap materials. The best solution is to build a durable, beautiful sunroom to improve the comfort of your Elk Grove, CA property.

What are the most important factors that need to be considered for the design and installation? Don’t overlook these details when you are preparing for your new room:

1. Strong Foundation
The foundation is the support for the room. Not only is the foundation crucial for safety reasons in case of a natural disaster, but it is also the base to support the glass structure. All foundations need to be built to match local building codes, including solid footings and durable materials to extend the life of the sunroom.

2. Protective Roof
The roof is the first line of defense against the sun and rain. If you have a good roof in place, then it will shield the room from the elements. The right roof installation can last as long as 20 to 30 years, depending on the materials that you choose.

Just because you are putting a roof on the sunroom, doesn’t mean that you can’t enjoy the sunlight. Consider adding skylights to bring in more sunshine throughout the day. You might consider a sunroom design in Elk Grove, CA that incorporates an all-glass roof to improve the sun exposure.

3. Materials and Aesthetics
Not only will the materials affect the durability of the room, but these details also have an impact on the appearance of the sunroom as well. What style do you want to create in this room? Choose a style in advance, so that you can select materials to match your preferences. Visit our showroom for inspiration ideas. Or, look online to find images that show the design that you desire.

We never sacrifice the quality of materials that are used for installation. Talk to our team about the durable materials that are available, such as vinyl or wood. We always offer custom design options, making it easy to create the sunroom of your dreams.

4. Window Location and Layout

The window design is the main feature of the sunroom. Since they are the primary concept of the design, choose windows that are beautiful and sturdy at the same time. For example, you might spend a little extra to upgrade the quality of the glass, helping to improve the energy efficiency of the room. You have the freedom to choose the sizes, shapes, and designs of the windows that are installed.

There’s no doubt that your family will find many uses for a sunroom after we are done with the installation. If you are interested in learning more, then you can talk to our experienced team at Clark Wagaman Designs. Come to our showroom: 3500 Power Inn Rd Ste C Sacramento, CA 95826. Or call for an in-home consultation: (916) 825-4736

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