4 Steps to Improve the Comfort of Your Sunroom in Roseville, CA

December 25, 2017
4 Steps to Improve the Comfort of Your Sunroom in Roseville, CA

Installing a sunroom is just the first step to create the comfortable living space that you desire. Now that your Roseville, CA home is upgraded with a new sunroom, the next step is to add a few more features. These options will improve the comfort of the room and maximize your benefits.

Whether you are planning to use the sunroom for entertaining or you want a place to enjoy a morning cup of coffee, the details will impact your experience. The room can be used for everything from hosting guests to creating a playroom for the kids.

Step 1: Choose Functional Furniture
You want to place beautiful furniture in your home, but don’t overlook the functional benefits that are needed as well. For example, instead of choosing basic wicker furniture, you might spend a little more to get a futon or couch with a pull-out bed. This feature allows you to have a place to sit throughout the day, with the option to add another bed if the family is coming to visit.

In addition to seating, it is also a good idea to add a table for meals and smaller tables for books and drinks. You also might consider a bookshelf or storage area where the guests can keep their suitcases.

Step 2: Install Window Coverings
Blinds or shades are a nice feature to have when you want to improve the privacy of the room. If you are going to host a gathering at night and you don’t want the neighbors looking inside, then you can pull the shade to block the view.

Covering the windows is also important if guests will be sleeping in the room. Your guests can close the blinds to manage the light that comes inside when the sun comes up in the morning.

Step 3: Pick the Right Lighting
Even if you have built-in lights in the walls or ceiling, consider adding mood lighting for the evening hours. A few small lamps on the side tables can create a comfortable environment without the impact of the bright lights. Or, you can string up decorative strands of lights or lanterns to add the right touch of romance for the evening.

Step 4: Accessories for the Sunroom
Other accessories can give the finishing touches that you need. For example, consider beautiful artwork for the walls or a few plants to add color and greenery to the room. Small details can improve the comfort of the area, such as a throw blanket for the couch or coasters where people can set down their drinks. Consider the way you will be using the room, and then add the details that will improve the function for those activities.

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