4 Benefits of Sunrooms in Folsom, CA

December 17, 2018
4 Benefits of Sunrooms in Folsom, CA

A sunroom is a sort of home addition that is really like an enclosed extension to your residence. Also known by the names of Florida rooms, sun porches, solariums and garden rooms, a sunroom will allow you to enjoy the great outdoors in an enclosed space that has plenty of windows and square footage to spend time with family and friends. Are you thinking about possibly improving home sweet home with a Folsom, CA sunroom that will allow you to enjoy yourself in an enclosed area with exposure to the warm sun? Here are 4 benefits of doing so. 


1. Enlarge Your Home 

A sunroom addition will add square footage to your home at a fraction of the cost of building an extension with bricks and mortar. A sunroom won't only offer you more living space that you can enjoy alone or with company, but will also allow you to soak up the sunshine because of the large section dedicated to windows. 


2. What a View! 

One of the biggest advantages of a sunroom is that it will give you a great view of your backyard. Remember that one of the reasons a sunroom is called a sunroom is that it allows the sun’s rays to flow in. And with all of the windows included in sunrooms, you can bet that there’ll be plenty of natural light in your sunroom enclosure. 


3. Enjoy Nature While Avoiding Pests 

Have you ever been outdoor enjoying the cool breeze, the warm sun and the beautiful scenery – and then had to hurry inside when a swarm of mosquitoes, bees or other types of bugs descended on you? It’s happened to everyone. With a sunroom, however, you won’t have to worry about pests raining on your parade. You’ll be able to enjoy the great outdoors while being protected from any of the pests that might otherwise lead you to retreat. 


4. Boost Property Value 

Getting a sunroom built on your home will boost the valuation of your residence. So while your top priority should be to enjoy the sunroom, you should also know that your home will be more attractive to would-be buyers if you eventually put it up for sale. This means that you’ll see a return on your investment, which will make the initial investment all the more worthwhile.

Are you interested in getting a Folsom, CA sunroom for your home? You can see that there are some tasty benefits that will make the investment a worthwhile one. Clark Wagaman Designs, located at 3500 Power Inn Rd Ste C Sacramento, CA 95826, is your one-stop shop for getting a sunroom built in the city. Call us at (916) 825-4736 to discuss your options and to schedule an in-home consultation. One of our professionals will meet with you at your home, answer your questions and make recommendations. Your full satisfaction is our goal, so you can bet that we’ll strive to meet or exceed your expectations. When you’re ready to talk sunrooms, get in touch.

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