3 Tips for Buying the Right Patio Cover

February 3, 2020
3 Tips for Buying the Right Patio Cover

Are you in the market for a patio cover in Sacramento, CA? From lattice patio covers to solid patio covers and from combination patio covers to free standing patio covers, there are plenty of options for you to choose from. Even so, you need to select the right one for you, and you can be certain that some types and styles will be better for you than others. So that you find the perfect patio cover for your back deck, here are 3 tips for buying a patio cover you’ll love.

1. Understand What a Patio Cover is

Before you go out to buy a patio cover, take the time to familiarize yourself with what it is. There are different types of things you can place in your backyard for shelter and shade. In addition to patio covers, for instance, there are pergolas, large umbrellas, and canopy awnings. Once you decide that what you want is a patio cover, then you can head to a patio cover shop.

2. Determine the Material

You'll also want to consider the material. Common materials that are used to create patio covers include aluminum, wood, and vinyl. You can ask a patio cover company for help in determining what type would be best for your home. Different materials may have advantages or disadvantages compared to others, so getting a professional’s opinion will help.

3. Figure Out How You’ll Use it

The way you plan to use your patio cover will largely determine what type or size is best for you. Will you be using it to entertain family and friends? Do you want to use it as an outdoor living room? Will it be used mostly by only a handful of people? Let the patio cover company know how you plan to use it, and they will be able to help you choose one that meets your needs. While figuring things out, you’ll also want to keep in mind how you may use it in the future. This means that you may want to get one that’s a little bigger than you think you’ll need. That way, you’ll be able to accommodate more should you need to in the future.

Are you ready to move forward with buying a patio cover in Sacramento, CA? Get in touch with us at Clark Wagaman Designs for the expert help you need. Call at (916) 825-4736 or stop by our showroom at 3500 Power Inn Rd Ste C Sacramento, CA 95826. We offer a lifetime warranty that is good for the lifetime of the product. We also offer a complimentary service plan that includes gutter cleaning, sealant wear check, drainage check, structural integrity inspection, and any needed adjustments. In other words, we go all out to ensure our customers enjoy their patio covers over the long haul. Our customers can also use the first three years covered by the service agreement as an opportunity to learn how to properly maintain and service their new investment in the following years. All you have to do is call us once a year to schedule your maintenance appointment.

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