3 Sunroom Myths to Discard

February 18, 2019
3 Sunroom Myths to Discard

When you're mulling over a home addition, there are lots of options you can ultimately choose, and one of them is a sunroom. They provide a great covered outdoor space that you can use for just about anything. Gone are the days when they were really nothing more than glorified garden sheds with lots of windows and with little by the way of aesthetic appeal. Sunrooms available today will increase the curb appeal factor and give you more pride of homeownership. If you're potentially interested in getting a Rancho Cordova, CA sunroom for your property, don't let any of these 3 myths get in your way. They are, if you will, full of hot air.

1. Sunrooms are Excessively Hot During the Summer Months
When your sunroom is installed properly and outfitted the right way, it won't get too hot during the spring and summer. Your sunroom can include air conditioning to use when it's hot out and with heating units to use when it's chilly outside. Basically, you should consider today's sunrooms as true extensions of the homes that they complement. This means that you can add many creature comforts to keep your sunroom comfortable all year.

2. Sunrooms are Too Costly
While home additions and similar renovations tend to cost a lot of money, sunrooms can actually be constructed at more reasonable costs. In other words, you won't pay what you would to expand your home by adding another bedroom, for instance. So from a cost-benefit perspective, adding a sunroom is one of the better home addition projects that you can take on. In addition to being worth it cost-wise, a sunroom will add to the square footage of your home. This is especially the case if your sunroom is equipped with power and other creature comforts.

3. Sunrooms Take Up Lots of Space
You can scale the size of your sunroom to match the space you have in your backyard. Another way to look at it is that a sunroom will add square footage to your home since it will provide another place where you and your family can gather, where you can entertain friends, or where you can get away from it all and read a book or talk to someone on the phone. So a sunroom will actually make better use of the space that it rests upon. Now, that's pretty smart.

If you've encountered any of these myths, you now know what the truth of the matter is. Don't let misconceptions and misinformation stop you from making a buying decision that will benefit you and yours. With a sunroom in Rancho Cordova, CA, you'll add to the square footage of your home more inexpensively than you would by pursuing other home addition renovations. Clark Wagaman Designs is the sunroom company you need when you're ready to proceed. Call us at (916) 825-4736 or visit us at 3500 Power Inn Rd Ste C Sacramento, CA 95826 for a free consultation. Your complete satisfaction is our goal. Contact us today, whether by phone or in person, and let us know how we can help.

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