3 Steps to Ensure the Best Design of Sunrooms in El Dorado Hills, CA

April 9, 2018
3 Steps to Ensure the Best Design of Sunrooms in El Dorado Hills, CA

Installing a sunroom is a great way to upgrade your home in El Dorado Hills, CA. Whether you are looking to improve your lifestyle or increase the value of your property, you will love the results from a sunroom installation. If you are considering this option for your family, then you need to talk to our team about the custom features that are available.

A sunroom is a beautiful space that can be added to your home, giving you a quiet place where you can relax and enjoy natural sunlight. You can spend time in an environment that mixes the serenity of nature with the comforts of staying inside. Here are three things to consider if you want to install a sunroom in your home:

Placement of the Sunroom
The installation location will impact the amount of sunlight that comes into the room. Do you want to maximize the amount of sunlight that is available? Then you need to choose an installation location that will receive direct sun exposure throughout the day. On the other hand, installing the feature on the north side of the house will allow you to minimize sunlight if you prefer.

In addition to available sunlight, you also need to think about the ways that the sunroom will fit with the floorplan of your home. Most homeowners choose to connect the sunroom with the family room or dining areas. This solution makes it easy to expand your living space, giving you more room if you are hosting friends or family for an event.

Windows and Wall Design
Now that you know the placement of the sunroom, the next step is to choose the placement of the windows within the room. More windows will increase the overall cost of the project. But, it is worth the expense to improve the sunlight in the room.

You have the freedom to choose floor-to-ceiling windows or partial windows if you prefer. For example, you might consider the option for windows on the top half of each wall, giving you a little privacy in the lower part of the room if desired.

Décor and Furniture in the Room
Just because the construction of the room is complete, it doesn’t mean that it is ready for use. The final step is to add the right furniture and décor to make it a comfortable, functional space for your family. The right furniture will enable you to use the room in the way that you always imagined. Many homeowners choose furniture that creates a multi-use room, such as a couch with a pull-out bed to accommodate guests when they are visiting.

Do you need help with the design and installation of your new sunroom in El Dorado Hills? Then right now is a great time to contact our team at Clark Wagaman Designs. Stop by our office at 3500 Power Inn Rd Ste C Sacramento, CA 95826. Or call to set a time for a complimentary consultation to learn more: (916) 825-4736

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