3 Patio Cover Uses that You Probably Haven't Considered

February 17, 2020
3 Patio Cover Uses that You Probably Haven't Considered

If you’re looking to get a patio cover, chances are you want to be able to use your back deck more often. A patio cover will allow you to meet and greet with family and friends without having to worry about whatever Mother Nature is scheming. But did you know that there are lots of other uses for a patio cover in Sacramento, CA?

A solid patio cover will offer a more permanent and durable outdoor structure compared to many other types of patio covers. Here’s a look at 3 uses for a solid patio cover that you probably haven’t considered before. They may forever change the way you see patio covers.

1. Carport

You can use a solid patio cover as a carport. Whether your current garage has no room for one or more of your cars or you simply don’t have a garage at all, you can remedy the situation with a solid patio cover. Your vehicle can stay out of the rain and safe from prolonged exposure to the sun. It’s definitely the sort of solution that you can rev your engine for!

2. Dog Run Cover

Do you have dogs on your property? If so, perhaps you already have a dog run or are open to setting one up. A dog run is especially necessary if you have larger dogs that are more in their element outdoors than indoors. In such cases, a solid patio cover will provide some protection for your dogs. They will be able to run and play without being exposed unduly to the elements.

3. Storage

Yet another use for a solid patio cover is as a storage space. Not everyone has a lot of space in their garage or basement – and not everyone has a garage or basement. If you’re in dire need of some space to store things where they won’t be exposed to the elements, then you should consider whether or not a solid patio cover will meet your needs. You can consult with a patio cover company to learn your options. A storage space could be a phone call away.

As you can see, patio covers are about much more just than providing a great covering for people who want to spend time together with adequate protection from the elements. You can use it for other purposes as well. Whether you want one as a carport, a dog run cover, or a storage area, you can rely on the quality of one of the Sacramento, CA patio covers that we at Clark Wagaman Designs are happy to offer. For the assistance you need, call us at (916) 825-4736 or visit our showroom at 3500 Power Inn Rd Ste C Sacramento, CA 95826. One of our professional and caring customer care associates will be pleased to assist you. A patio cover could be just the solution you need for your property. We are the experts when the time comes to get a patio cover, so call or visit us to get the ball rolling.

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